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Nov 04 2007

Life goes on

Teaching has started to settle into something of a routine. As TFA would put it, I’m still trying to “continuously increase my effectiveness” so I’m constantly trying new things in my class. The newest is my use of the “tracking tool” Excel spreadsheet that TFA gave me. It allows me to keep track of students’ mastery of individual standards and exercises throughout the unit….in theory. We’ll see how it goes.

Wrestling practice has already started and is going ok. I’m going to read my team the riot act tomorrow – a lot of them seem to feel that if they’re not feeling so great, are “injured”, or want to hang out with their girlfriends then it is ok to skip practice. Not really going to fly with me.

Fall league ultimate has ended. We didn’t do as well as we had hoped at the end of season tournament, but that’s life. HHBP is this weekend coming up. I’ve already got my ticket to go back to Providence….I’m super excited to see a bunch of Brown alums and current students.

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